Dr GVC instructed Kings View to represent her before the MPTS in her GMC fitness to practise case.

In a very complex case, Dr GVC faced 30 allegations of dishonesty across 7 separate instances including CV, council tax, communications and much more. It was a case born of a toxic marriage breakdown, which involved consideration of family court documents and detailed examination of GMC conduct with witnesses.

Following a half-time submission – submission that there is ‘no case to answer’ – the MPTS threw out over half of the allegation due to the cross-examination of GMC witnesses, which simply pulled apart their accounts and motives.

Although one single instance of dishonesty out of thirty was found, the Tribunal agreed with GMC fitness to practise defence barrister Mr Stephen McCaffrey and decided it was an exceptional case and took no further action at all against the doctor.

Speaking at the conclusion of the case, Dr GVC praised Stephen, saying:

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Catherine and Stephen for helping me with my case. I had over 20 lawyers in the past and Catherine and Stephen are the best of all without question.


I had extremely complex case that included multiple allegations. At the start it almost felt like there was no way to fix this. I contacted various companies to get legal help. However in every law firm that I contacted I was informed that the case was complex and the way out nearly impossible. I was also invoiced large amount of money for legal services by each firm.


I am glad I never stopped looking and I came across these most intelligent, professional, clever people who were also supportive in every possible way.


They took structured approach to my case and they offered a few consultation sessions after which they built my witness statement step by step, in a very clear and structured way.


The hearing was very stressful and lasted longer than 20 days. Not only I was well represented by Stephen and Catherine, they also emotionally supported me, they prepared me and my witness for cross-examination well, they kept me informed of the case at every step of the hearing. They also raised concerns about the way the GMC handled my case, to which the GMC had nothing to respond to.


In addition, they were very generous with their services and they charged me at lower rate compared to every other law firm I contacted before approaching them. They are the best lawyers who work hard and know the legal system inside out.


I cannot imagine how I could clear my name without Catherine and Stephen. I am forever grateful to them for their help and I would certainly contact them if I need any more help in the future. I would strongly recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

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