My client, a Radiographer, has been cleared by a HCPC tribunal of all wrong doing in a scathing judgement of the Trust and witnesses involved.

PT contacted us in June 2020 dissatisfied with his representation to date. He had been advised to make admissions. The case centred on very serious allegations of both competence and integrity matters. A colleague provided a statement claiming PT had lied about work related matters and had also asked him to lie too.

PT denied the allegations from the outset, but could not get representation to fight for him. I clearly saw, from the outset, that there were obvious inconsistencies in the account given by his colleague and this would be a cross-examination case. We analysed the case, gathered evidence and put a strategy together for PT.

In the hearing, witnesses were cross-examined at length. Some allegations were dismissed at half-time. After PT’s evidence and defence submissions, all integrity allegations were found not proved. The Tribunal were scathing of the Trust and the witnesses. PT was cleared in entirety.

Stephen, said:

“The message is clear – if you do not have faith your representatives will fight for you then seek new representation. The consequences for PT would have been career ending. He saw the value in our approach and stayed with our strategy throughout. It was a long and hard road but ultimately, one which secured his career and opens the door for him to seek recompense from the Trust who dismissed him. Don’t take chanced with your representatives.”

PT, speaking after the hearing, said:

“This case has been going on for 4 years with the HCPC. I contacted Kings View Chambers after reading multiple reviews of their experiences.


“Initially I had a conference with both Stephen and Catherine; with Stephen being my representative. He is a straight talking individual with a wealth of experience as demonstrated by the outcome today.


“For me personally; Stephen took me through every aspect and cleared my name on all the allegations. He also offered sage; post tribunal advice as it was an intense time. I am eternally grateful for everything and would recommend him to anyone in need of help with regulatory matters.”

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