The General Pharmaceutical Council – sanction (part 4)

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The General Pharmaceutical Council – sanction (part 4)
By: Anonymous | Published On: 7/04/19 6:48 pm

The GPC disciplinary process - sanction


The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC) regulates pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and registered pharmacy premises in England, Scotland and Wales. Its general functions and duties are set out in The Pharmacy Order 2010. Regulation of these parties includes commencing disciplinary proceedings against offending members who fall under its ambit/jurisdiction.

You must remember that this will only apply if the Committee Panel have determined that your fitness to practise is impaired. The word “is” is the central word. Please refer to my other information sheet on this for further information because it is central and is often forgotten.

When it comes to sanction the GPC refer to their own guidance. It is called the “Indicative Sanctions Guidance”. It is worth taking a closer look at these although I will be discussing them in more detail elsewhere.

Under the Pharmacy Order 2010, Part 6, art 54(2) the Fitness to Practise Committee may take any of the following actions:

  1. They may issue a warning to you regarding any matter raised. This is more formal than it may sound. A warning is recorded on the register against your registration.
  2. They may give advice to any person or body involved in the investigation of the allegation;
  3. They may give a direction that you be suspended for a period of time (limited to 12 months);
  4. They may give a direction that your entry be left but only on certain conditions with which you would need to comply to remain on the register. These conditions must be complied with within a period not exceeding 3 years as specified and can be imposed for the protection of the public or in the public interest as well as for any specific reason relating to you directly; OR
  5. They may give a direction that you be removed from the register in entirety.

If you are have any concerns about anything mentioned above contact me for a free no obligation initial conversation.

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