“Dr AA approached us at a very early stage. We were involved in a number of aspects, including an inquest and, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) involvement in an online pharmacy. It was a complicated case, requiring early action in developing a strategy.

Dr AA was open and honest with us and we agreed a strategy for dealing with the GMC. We opposed the imposition of an interim order and won to allow the doctor to continue practising unrestricted. The inquest ended without any criticism at all of our client. Finally, despite the GMC instructing an expert witness who was very critical of Dr AA, we managed to get the case ended with no further action at Rule 7 stage. The Case Examiners agreed with all of our arguments, including a number of fundamental criticisms levelled at the GMC case and their supposed expert.


“Stephen has the perfect combination of intelligence, experience and cynicism when dealing with the GMC.”

Stephen, said:

This was a difficult case where a number of approaches would have been appropriate. It was important to decide early on which one to take and to commit to it. It would have almost impossible to obtain this approach had we been instructed later. Furthermore, it was also a case where our expertise and experience with online pharmacy cases, the GPhC and the GMC made us uniquely suited to obtain this outcome.

Dr AA, said:

“It’s been a wonderful experience dealing with Stephen and Catherine. Stephen has the perfect combination of intelligence, experience and cynicism when dealing with the GMC.  From his first communication to them, they were on the back foot. You have to realize that the GMC don’t often act with common sense or fairness towards doctors.


You need experienced representation, and these two have been there and done it for a long time. They offered excellent advice throughout, with a welcome sense of humour when required, were dominant when dealing with the GMC in an interim orders tribunal and won an unexpected victory by having my case closed by the case examiners before it went to a fitness to practice hearing. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


When it comes to the law, words are the most important thing, and Stephen and Catherine simply have the best words. Hire them as soon as possible before your mediocre defence union gets you into trouble.

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