Stephen’s work referenced in new book on doctor’s mental health

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Stephen’s work referenced in new book on doctor’s mental health
By: Anonymous | Published On: 29/11/20 3:46 pm

Stephen’s work as a leading GMC fitness to practise defence barrister has been referenced in a new book focussing on the mental health of doctors.

In her recently published book, Beneath the White Coat: Doctors, Their Minds and Mental Health, Dr Clare Gerada referenced Stephen’s extensive work on GMC fitness to practise published on

In particular, Dr Gerada referenced Stephen’s views and analysis as to why a GMC referral feels particularly traumatic for doctors. Her reference to his work relates to the section of work on dealing with:

“The trauma experienced by a doctor facing a full GMC investigation cannot be overstated – and the phrase ‘second victim’ is very apt here. A GMC investigation is a very dark cloud that looms large over the whole of your personal and professional life for a substantial period of time, even if your fitness to practise is eventually found not to be impaired and no sanctions are imposed.”

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