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Stephen McCaffrey | NMC Defence Barrister and LawyerI am an experienced Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) Defence Barrister who has represented nurses and midwives at all levels of a fitness to practise investigation and panel hearings.  I am a practising healthcare and medical law defence barrister with a proven track record of success, years of experience and renowned for being “hands on”. I give direct and realistic advice and I will not waste your time and money.

Because of my experience in the criminal courts and other adversarial tribunals my special expertise is at contested hearings. However good strategy has meant that more often my clients are not even reaching that stage of proceedings.

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Mr McCaffrey and his team are beyond excellent.. I cannot thank them enough for their sheer dedication, expertise and efforts which went above and beyond their call of duty in my case.

Due to their hard work and I am now back to work and I cannot thank Stephen McCaffrey enough for his support during my difficult and traumatic time.

Quite frankly, the service they provide is extremely good value. I am sincerely grateful to both of them and cannot recommend them highly enough.

My case was dealt with speed and efficiency, highly recommend the service provided by Stephen McCaffrey

Through my work in regulatory and disciplinary law I have represented large number of medical professionals before their regulatory bodies in either first instance proceedings or appeals.

I can help with all matters relating to NMC Fitness to Practise Referrals issues including:

  • What to do if you have been referred to the NMC
  • Advice on the NMC investigatory process
  • Consensual Panel Determinations
  • Interim Orders Hearings
  • Advice, assistance and representation for hearings before the Conduct and Competence Committee
  • Advice, assistance and representation for hearings before the Health Committee
  • Appeals against the decisions of the NMC

The progressive rise in NMC Fitness to Practise referrals has raised anxiety over the increasing number of nurses and midwives appearing before conduct and fitness to practise hearings without proper legal representation. While certain individual nurses may be adept at representing themselves at hearings there are many others find it very difficult to present the best defence in a hostile environment. Typically nurses and midwives are unaware of what the rules and procedures are and face the NMC without the right guidance to help them.

With close connections to individuals in the NHS generally and NHS England, I have spent considerable time around medical professionals and see the incredibly hard work that they do and how exposed they are to claims and allegations.

If you are in the position of facing a NMC Fitness to Practise referral, you owe it to your career to give yourself the best chance of a positive outcome.  

Contact me today for an initial free and no obligation consultation on 0207 060 1983 or Stephen.McCaffrey@kingsviewchambers.com.

How much does legal representation cost?

I will offer you an initial free and no obligation telephone consultation to discuss your case.  If after that consultation you want to instruct me to represent and defend you, I will take on your case and provide you with clear and honest advice.

I will tell you how much it will cost to represent you and will be based in your individual case and circumstances.

If you are a member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) or another membership, defence organisation or union, they could fund your legal cost to enable us to represent you.  I can assist you with liaising with your defence organisation, membership body or union directly so that you can afford to instruct the best possible legal representation you are entitled to.

As a public access barrister, you can instruct me directly without the need and additional expense of going through a solicitor’s firm.

What you can expect if you instruct me

I have gained a strong and excellent reputation for defending and representing nurses and midwives.

From our years of experience, I have come to understand the stress you face when you are subjected to an NMC investigation and the consequences for your career, reputation and personal life.

Your case will be fully managed by from the outset to give you complete piece of mind.  I will agree with you a clear defence strategy and prepare a robust defence to secure you the best possible outcome before the NMC hearing including, where applicable, mitigation on your behalf.

If the nature of the investigation relating to you goes beyond merely a NMC issue, I have experience in all matters relating to criminal investigations too and can advise and assist you.

Contact me today for an initial free and no obligation consultation on 0207 060 1776 or Stephen.McCaffrey@kingsviewchambers.com.

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