GPhC strengthens online pharmacy advice

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GPhC strengthens online pharmacy advice
By: Anonymous | Published On: 22/05/19 12:47 am

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has issued revised guidance for pharmacy owners to help make sure that people can only obtain medicines from online pharmacies that are safe and clinically appropriate for them.

The revised guidance introduced further safeguards for patients and the public in the following key areas:

Making sure medicines are clinically appropriate for patients – online pharmacies will have to make sure:

  • there are robust processes in place to carry out identity checks on people obtaining medicines
  • the pharmacy team can identify requests for medicines that are inappropriate, including by being able to identify multiple orders to the same address or orders using the same payment details
  • the pharmacy websites do not allow a patient to choose a prescription-only medicine and its quantity before there has been an appropriate consultation with a prescriber

Further safeguards for certain categories of prescription only medicines – further safeguards will have to be in place before supplying the following categories of medicines to make sure that they are clinically appropriate:

  • antimicrobials (antibiotics)
  • medicines liable to abuse, overuse or misuse, or where there is a risk of addiction and ongoing monitoring is important. For example, opiates, sedatives, laxatives, pregabalin and gabapentin
  • medicines that require ongoing monitoring or management. For example, those used to treat diabetes, asthma, epilepsy and mental health conditions
  • non-surgical cosmetic medicinal products, such as Botox

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