The Doctor involved in this case transferred to Kings View Chambers following years of representation by another Chambers.

When the doctor instructed Stephen McCaffrey of Kings View Chambers, to represent him, he was having an ongoing issue with NHS England [NHSE] and NHS Improvement [NHSI] as well as the General Medical Council [GMC]. 

With representation from Stephen, the GMC agreed to discontinue their case.  Attention turned to NHSE and NHSI who were conducting their own investigation. The allegations involving the doctor were varied by centred on behavioural issues in the main. NHSE and NHSI had attached onerous conditions which, in addition to everything else, was severely restricting the doctor’s income.

Following two months of work and negotiations with NHSE and NHSI on behalf of the doctor, Stephen was able to settle the allegations and agreement was reached to lift the onerous conditions and conclude the investigation without the matter even having to go before Performers Lists Decision Panel (PLDP) again.

“I can’t thank you enough Stephen - Very very impressed by the Kings View team - Thank you so much from me and my family”

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