Challenging Inspection Reports

I am a specialist health and social care barrister with significant experience in dealing with social care regulators including the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and other regulators. 

Through this extensive experience I fully understand the significance of inspection reports and the impact these may have on the reputation of your business.

Inspections reports are often challengeable however, in order to maximise success in any appeal, time and specialist knowledge is of the essence; time due to the fact that the window for response is often very short and specialist knowledge to fully grasp the issues and to assemble a robust and clear response.

This is particularly important where inspection reports are inaccurate or presented unfairly.

There are a number of reasons why it is important to give serious consideration to challenging wrong, inaccurate and unfair inspection reports but principle amongst these are:

  1. A succession of non-compliant inspections can lead to enforcement action and regulatory sanctions; and
  2. The public will take published inspection reports are read and assume these are an accurate reflection of your care home or business.

My understanding of regulatory matters in the care sector includes a clear and comprehensive understanding of the social care regulatory framework, legislation, guidance and practice.  With this extensive knowledge and experience at your disposal, I will give you clear, honest and comprehensive advice. 

In addition to challenging inspection reports, I can also assist with:

  1. Challenging Notices, Order and other registration issues
  2. Challenging Warning Notices and Prosecutions 

Please contact me without delay if you are experiencing difficulties with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), inspection reports or issues with any other regulatory body or actions.

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